Restorative Dentistry in Annapolis

Restorative dentistry includes the various procedures your dentist uses to restore health to teeth that have been damaged or lost. Boyd and Boyd Dentistry in Annapolis provide a full scope of dental procedures to rejuvenate your smile and help it last a lifetime. From fillings for minor cavities to prosthetics for missing teeth, Dr. Cynthia Reed Boyd and Dr. Anthony Boyd have up-to-date training and three decades of experience to give you the most modern and effective treatments available.

While using state of the art technology and quality materials, Drs. Boyd and Boyd can provide treatments that are also aesthetically appealing. They each have the technical expertise to repair just about any dental problem and provide you with a smile that functions optimally and appears natural.  

Many Way to Maintain Dental Health

Tooth-Colored Fillings treat cavities with a composite resin that seamlessly bonds to teeth. They are color matched to natural tooth enamel and provide a secure and discreet cavity treatment. 

Root Canal Therapy is an indispensable procedure in conservative dental care. It is usually needed when advanced decay or damage have affected the tooth’s inner chamber or pulp. Root canal therapy removes the tooth’s pulp, preventing extraction and allowing it to continue to function normally. This procedure also alleviates toothache pain and prevents infection from spreading to other teeth and throughout the body. 

Porcelain Crowns are placed on teeth that have extensive damage or have undergone root canal therapy. They are designed to replicate missing teeth, and their porcelain finish makes them shine like natural tooth enamel. They are very durable and can last a lifetime when cared for properly. 

Fixed Bridges secure a beautiful prosthetic pontic tooth to adjacent teeth that have also been reinforced with crowns. The entire bridge is realistic and matched to neighboring teeth for a secure and aesthetic restoration. 

Dental Implant Restorations are the most comfortable and natural way to comprehensively treat tooth loss. With implant posts that are secured to the jaw bone and topped with a lustrous, porcelain crown, an entire tooth from the root to crown is permanently secured. These restorations are highly successful and also prevent bone loss, which helps you maintain a youthful facial structure. 

Dentures and Partial Dentures rest on top of the gums and are secured either by adhesive paste or metal clasps that attach to neighboring teeth. Dentures are made of acrylic and provide an aesthetic tooth replacement while restoring function. 

Boyd and Boyd Dentistry Rejuvenates Smiles with Restorative Care

Whatever may ail your teeth, Boyd and Boyd Dentistry have the skill, technology, and experience to restore health and beauty to your smile. Located in Annapolis, Dr. Cynthia Reed Boyd and Dr. Anthony Boyd give compassionate service and quality dentistry, giving you a confident and beautiful  smile.